Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Mac Favourites

Hey there :)

I´m a huge Mac fan. Especially their lipsticks and eyeshadows are brilliant. Of course, it is not just all about Mac and everybody has a different opinion about the quality for the price, but I´m happy to spend that money. Obviously not all the time, more as a treat for myself.

So today, I´d like to show you my favourite Mac products. I tried not to feature any limited edition products, but there was one piece that I love so much, it had to be named.

left: Satin Taupe - with this one started my big Mac love
right: Naked lunch - perfect for highlighting

left: Satin Taupe
right: Naked Lunch

left: Russian Red: a Mac classic and the perfect red
right: Wicked Ways (LE) - I love Cruella and red lips, so how could I not love it?!

left: Russian Red
right: Wicked Ways

Do you like Mac? What are your favourite products? Would you like more brand favourites?

Lots of love xx

Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Top 5 Tuesday : Nail Varnishes

Hey there :)

Here comes part 2 of my Top 5 Tuesday. Today I´d like to show you my current favourite nail varnishes.

As you can see, I don´t mind dark colours in spring, especially with this weather...

Essie is one of my favourite nail varnishes brands and Essie´s Fiji (left) and Mint Candy Apple (right) are perfect for the spring/summer, well, if the sun should show up again. Both have a very good quality and are not limited.

OPI is another love of mine. These two shades are really nice when the sun is hiding. Unfor-greta-bly Blue (left) is a midnight blue with a metallic finish. The One that Got Away (right) was in the Katy Perry collection and at its time very popular. Oh well, what shall I say? I still love it!

This last nail varnish is by Kiko (220) and actually a top coat. It gives a very fine, shimmery finish, so it doesn´t look too much. Unfortunately, I don´t have a picture, but if you are interested, I´m hapy to upload a post about the nail varnish.

What are your current favs? Do you refuse to wear winter colours or do you wear whatever you just feel like?

Lots of love xx

Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

Loreal Carese "Juliet"

Hey there :)

In my previous haul, I showed you the Loreal Carese Lip Laquer in "Juliet". After a couple of weeks, I´d like to share my opinion with you.

The packaging is nice and simple, but there is a big problem with the applicator. It´s shape makes it nearly impossible to create a good result. You can see the problem in the next picture. 

The product itself has a really nice colour and pigmentation, but it gives an uneven finish. Some part, espacialls the middle of the lips, are coloured mire then the rest.
On the lips it doesn´t feel sticky at all, but leaves a very wet feeling. Here it depends on wheter you like that feeling or not.

Here you can see the "stain" after 4 hours. It is nearly gone, only in the centre of the lips is a bit of the red left. It looked like I bit my lip.

All in all a nice colours, but that´s it. The uneven finish as well as the "stain" are big cons. In my opinion, this product is not worth purchasing it. 

Do you like the Loreal Carese Lip Laquers? Do you have other colours? Are they better?

Lots of love xx

Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

Top 5 Tuesday: Lipsticks

Hey there :)

I thought I start the "Top 5 Tuesday", which means that every Tuesday I´m going to show you my Top 5 in any category. Today I´d like to start with my favourite lipsticks.

left to right:
Revlon Lip Butter "Berry Smoothie", Catrice "It´s a Matt World", Mac "Lickable", Mac "Russian Red", No7 "Classic Rose"

same order as above

Revlon "Berry Smoothie" - sheer brownish rose
Absolutely perfect for a natural look. It has pretty much the same colour as my lips and gives them the perfect your lips but better look.

Catrice "It´s a Matt World" - matte orange-red
I´m mad about matte lipsticks and this one is a cheap matt lipstick from Germany. 

Mac "Lickable" - pink-red
more details here

Mac "Russian Red" - matte bright red
Oh, it´s love! Very bright, very beautiful and very in your face. But what can I see but I love it! The quality is amazing and it lasts nearly the whole day. Russian Red, oh, Russian Red! What would I do without you?

No7 "Classic Rose" - matte pink-rose
Actually it is more pink then it is on the picture. Perfect when you want a bit more colour than the Revlon Lip Butter but you don´t want it too bright.

What are your favourites? Do you have any of the above? What do you think about the "Top 5 Tuesday"?

Lots of love xx

Montag, 13. Mai 2013

I´m under the wizards spell

Hey there :)

A couple of weeks ago OPI came up with a limited edition for the film "Oz The Great And Powerful". Of course I had to buy them, not just because of the design but for the lovely nude shades.

Here all the colours. The quality here is different with every nail varnish. Two of them are absolutely amazing and I´m really in love with them. The other two are not as expected and a bit dissappointing.

I Theodora You - sheer pink

I´m amazed! The quality is amazing. It is very long-lasting and after two layers is nothing of the original nail colour left. One of my favourites!

Don´t Burst my bubble - white/nude

After 4 layers was my nail still shining through. It took ages to dry and after my boyfriend told me: "Uh, can you not paint your nails? They look horrible!", was it even clear to me, that this is definetely not a nail varnish for me. 

Glints of Linda - beige/nude

With 3 layers everything is fine, but the colour looks too much like my actual nail. The only thing that happens is that the white tips get covered up. Some might like how it looks, but I´m not a big fan. If the colours was a bit darker, I would love it!

What wizardry is this? - taupe with textured matt sheen

Oh, I am in love. The colour changes between green, taupe, brown and gold. The texture is not to rough and  easy to remove with normal cotton pads and nail varnish remover. OPI, I have to admit, well done!

I bought it because of the nude shades, but in the end I only liked one of them. I´m not too happy with the nude shades, except "Don´t burst my bubble", but I really love "What wizardry is this?". All in all is this set ok, but I wouldn´t recommend it, if you want to purchase it for the nude shades.

Do you have this set? How do you like the nude shades? Or do you have any of the other colours?

Lots of love xx

Samstag, 11. Mai 2013


Hey there :)

Finally I got into my new working routine and have more time to blog now, yeah! To start, I´d like to show you my make up today. It´s a really easy one and my go-to make up if I have to hurry up or I´m too lazy.

Used Products:

-Mac "Sable" (whole lid)
-Mac "Handwritten" (crease)
-Mac "Naked Lunch" (inner corner)
-RdL "white coffee" (blending)
-MUA Eye Liner "Rich brown"
-Maxfactor False LAsh Effect Mascara

On the cheeks I´m wearing Benefits "Sugarbomb" and on my lips Revlon Lip Butter in "Candy Apple".

Lots of love xx

Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

I tell you what I want, what I really really want! - Apocalips

Hey there :)

Today I want to talk about Rimmels Apocalips Lip Lacquers. They are available since February (or something like that) and finally I couldn´t resist the mega hype anymore.So at the last 3 for 2 offer at Boots I found 3 lovely shades.

Rimmel offers a wide range of colours and all af them are really lovely. The pigmentation is amazing and even after hours of talking and a meal is everything where it should be. Of course, the glossy finish turns into a matt one after about 1,5-2 hours, but it leaves a nice even stain.

The only con is the smell, a mixture between cheap children perfume and clay. Disgusting! And it lasts. For hours.

left: Celestial right: Stellar


Celestial - mauve/brown

Stellar - bright orange/red

Apocaliptic - bright pink/red

All in all these Lip Lacquers are really nice and worth the money (~5.99), if you don´t mind the smell. I personally love them!

How do you like them? Worth the hype or not?

Lots of love xx