Freitag, 26. April 2013

My new Essie lovers...Madison Aven-hue collection

Hey there :)

Finally, Essies new collection (Madison Aven-hue) arrived in Boots! I love English drugstores, but there is one big problem about them... Here in England Essie collections are about 1 month later available than in Germany. So while my friends are already talking about the new ones, I´m still trying to find the old collections...

Because of that I already saw lots and lots of pictures of the Madison Aven-hue nail varnishes. When I finally found them, I couldn´t decide which ones to buy. But I stayed strong and bought just two shades. And after that, I abandoned myself from buying make up. I have enough, I don´t need more. Let´s see how long that will work...

But now finallly the nail varnishes:

"Maximillian Strasse her" + Essence "Waking up in Vegas" (just on the ringfinger)

A beautiful grey with a blue or green touch, depending on the light

"bond with whomever"

A beautiful cold lavender, quite similar to Essie "Lilacism"

How do you like the new Essie collection? 

Lots of Love xx

Montag, 22. April 2013

Mac Palette filled - Mission accomplished

Hey there :)

As I told you earlier, I finally filled my Mac palette with refill no. 14 and 15. So now I would like to show you my full palette, including swatches.

Before I start with the pictures, my general opinion about Mac eyeshadows:
Oh, I love them. My love started with Satin Taupe and since then, I just couldn´t stop...The quality as well as the colours are worth the price and I appreciate especially colours like "Club", which are nearly impossible to find if you take a look at drugstore brands.
I also use other brands, but I use at least one Mac eyeshadow nearly every day.

Click on the pictures for bigger pictures.

As you can see, I love my browns...

left: Retrospeck, Honey Lust, Naked Lunch, Wedge
right: All that glitters, Woodwinked

left/right: see above

left: Satin Taupe, Humid, Sable, Sumptous Olive
right: Handwritten, Club

left/right: see above 

left to right: Deep Trust, Shale, Copperplate 

right to left: see above

All swatches are made dry and without a base. 

Satin Taupe and All that Glitters are my absolute favourites and are used a lot.

What do you think about Mac eyeshadows? Too expensive or worth the money? Do you have any? What are your favourites?

Lots of Love, xx

Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Boots 3 for 2 - Who doesn´t get mad?!

Hey there :)

When I went to get some things at my nearest Mac counter, I walked past a Boots and they had a big 3 for 2 offer on all make up, so - obviously - I had to go in. I mean, how can I be really addicted to make up when I can stand an offer like that?!

So in Boots, I went a bit mad...

I went a little mad about lips as you can see.

Loreal True Match Foundation (9.99): My old foundation isn´t available anymore, so I had to look for a new one. This is the palest one I could find. The first impression is quite good. Loreal offers a huge range of shades, so that even I (I´m so pale!) found a matching colour. A review will come up in the next weeks.

Essie "Mint Candy Apple" (7.99): One of the most hyped nail varnishes by Essie. A beautiful mint, with a blue touch. I have lots of mint nail varnishes, but this is definitely the most gorgeous one. 
Typical Essie quality. I love it!

Loreal Lip Laquer "Juliet" (7.99): I was interested in lip laquers for a very long time now, so I decided to look for some. This red with a slight hint of purple is just beautiful and on the lips a perfect red for a casual day.

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquers (top to bottom) ""Stellar", "Apocaliptic", "Celestial" (5.99): In addition to the Loreal one, I wanted to try the Rimmel ones as well, as I already heard lots of good things about them. The colour range is just amazing! So many nice, bright colours! I couldn´t really decide, so I bought 3 different colours. 

Swatches and Reviews for the lip laquers will come online in the next couple of days. 

How do you like lip laquers?  Do you like them or do you prefer lipsticks/lipgloss?

Lots of Love xx

Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

Mac Haul

Hey there

Monday I went to my nearest Mac Counter to finally complete my aim of completing my Mac pallet. Of course, I was successful.

left: Deep Truth right: Sable

Deep Truth is a midnight blue, which has a metallic shimmer.
Sable is a warm gold brown, which gets a touch of plum on the eyelid.

When I was just about to leave, I saw a wonderful lipstick which begged me to take him home. And, as you can see by the name of my blog, I can´t resist lipsticks!

"Lickable" (cremesheen)

1 layer - As you can see, it is quite sheer and that makes it perfect for an everyday look.

It is definitely a lipstick which doesn´t get enough attention compared to other lipsticks by Mac e.g. "Myth".

How do you like the lipstick and eyeshadows? Are you interested in a post about my Mac pallet?

Lots of love xx

Dienstag, 9. April 2013

Here I am!

Hi there!

This is my new little place called "Lipstick Therapy", where I want to share my love to fashion, make up and, of course, lipstick with you.

I have been blogging before. I had a blog called "Makeup_Mädel", which was a German fashion and beauty blog. As I moved to England about 9 months ago, I decided to close my German blog and start a new English one.

So you can get a little idea of what I am doing here, I´d like to show you some pictures of previous posts on my old blog.


creatice make ups

normal make ups


And much more!

I hope you like it and I´m really looking forward to sharing all this with you.

Lots of love xx